Avoiding Designation

Helping planning services avoid being 'designated' for falling below DLUHC performance targets for the speed and quality of decisions.


PAS support includes:

  • PAS 'crystal ball' - an excel spreadsheet that allows you to track your performance in real time quarter-by-quarter in the current assessment period. It effectively shows you the cushion you have / gap you need to close at any point in time. You can use it as a predictive / management tool.
  • Review of PS1/2 returns; another pair of eyes can often help spot errors/omissions
  • Process review - based on our DM Challenge toolkit
  • Committee review - a review of your committee set-up, structure, processes and procedures
  • Help responding to MHCLG 'on notice' of designation letter - we've helped many councils respond where they have been put on notice of designation, we can help you structure your response and guide you on content. 

For more information please contact peter.ford@local.gov.uk