Pre-application self assessment questionnaire

This is a self assessment tool to help you to with the process of reviewing your pre-application service. 

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council helped us develop this. We agreed that sometimes the first step is to shine a light onto what you are working with. 
So, we have pulled together a set of questions based on the 10 Commitments to effective pre-application that will help you to probe the existing service.
Our suggestion is that you take a little time with a small working group to answer this set of questions about your service. Once you have done this you will be in a good position to work with your officers, members, community groups and especially potential pre-app customers, to work out what gaps matter most. Some things won't be such an issue for your area and it is safe to leave these till later or not to do them at all.
Some aspects of your service will be at the heart of why pre-application discussion of schemes are not worthwhile in the minds of your customers. These are the aspects that you should turn to first. 
The advice and examples in the Pre-apps Suite will give you a helping hand in solving the problems, once you have agreement about what they are.
If you have any questions, email