Take part in the Pre-App and PPA Survey

PAS want to hear from planners, both public sector and private sector, developers, housebuilders, agents, statutory consultees, third sector and communities; in fact anyone and everyone who engages with pre-application and PPA services.

PAS have teamed up with the University of Gloucestershire, Countryside and Community Research Institute and Hyas Associates Ltd to deliver a project on best practice in pre-application advice and Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs).  

This survey is the first phase of data collection, designed to collect a broad collection of insight information and evidence from planners and other stakeholders across the profession. Data collected from this questionnaire will be used to support the creation of the project outputs including statistical data, identifying best practice examples as well as creating academic and practice materials. The survey also asks if you would be interested taking part in interviews, group workshops or other parts of the project.

The deadline is the 11th November 2022 at 5pm.

Thank you for supporting this research.

Take part in the survey 

If you wish to see the questions and prepare your answers before you start then go to our webpage Pre-app and PPA Survey Questions.

Data Protection

Personal identity data collected this questionnaire will not be published, and your personal identity will be kept anonymous. This means that during the data collection stage and during data analysis your personal information and identity will only be known to the research team and project funding team in the Planning Advisory Service (PAS).

You are in control of any personal data that you have provided to us in your response. You can contact us at all times to have your information changed or deleted. All responses will be treated confidentially. Information will be aggregated, and no individual or authority will be identified in any publications without your consent. Identifiable information may be used internally within the LGA but will only be held and processed in accordance with our privacy statement. We are undertaking this survey to aid the legitimate interests of the LGA in supporting and representing authorities. You can find our full privacy policy here: click here to see our privacy policy