Biodiversity Net Gain and the Environment Bill

PAS ran several workshops over May, June and July 2021 to introduce our work on biodiversity net gain. These events involved planners and councillors from over 180 different local authorities, providing an overview of biodiversity net gain and the implications of Environment Bill as well as examples of good current practice.

A summary of the workshop outputs covers what local authorities are doing now on biodiversity net gain (BNG) and what they need to enable them to be ready for mandatory BNG.

The slides from our workshops for local planning officers in May provide an introduction to the Environment Bill, explain what is happening with biodiversity net gain and what it means for local authorities in practical terms. You can view them and download the PDF.

There is also a recording of the presentation element of one of the sessions.

PAS Biodiversity Net Gain and the Environment Bill - what does it mean for LPAs May 2021 from PAS_Team

This recording from one of the events provides an overview of BNG and the Environment Bill.

The slides from the Councillor event in June include presentations from Maidstone Borough Councillors Harwood and Munford and Salford City Councillor McCusker showing how they are already taking action to deliver biodiversity net gain in their areas.

 You can view the slides and download as a PDF.

 PAS Biodiversity Net Gain & the Environment Bill - Local Councillors from PAS_Team

We also ran a workshop for London Boroughs on 15 July and slides from this event include a presentation from Natural England covering the Environment Bill and biodiversity net gain, as well as from the GLA on the London Plan context and the Urban Greening Factor.

 You can view the slides and download as a PDF.

PAS Biodiversity Net Gain London Borough Workshop 15 July 2021 from PAS_Team

These events are all part of a wide project to support planners working on biodiversity net gain and ensure local planning authorities in England are prepared for the introduction of the Environment Bill. For more information see our web page and stay in touch.