NPPF consultation Spring 2018

In April and May 2018 PAS held a series of events around England to help councils engage with the consultation on proposed changes to the National Planning Policy Framework. We also covered some of the content in the NPPG and the "Housing Delivery Test Rulebook".

At the events we went through the themes of the NPPF as a whole before doing a "deep dive" into housing delivery and ended with a "so what?" challenge to help practioners think through how the changes could be implemented. 

You can find the presentation we used below. 

We made a model of how we thought the calculations for Local Housing Need and the Housing Delivery Test would work, and made hand-outs for delegates. You can download our model from the PAS cloud here. Remember it is a model that we put together based on some assumptions and best guesses, and it may be quite different to the version introduced by MHCLG later this year. 

You can also find our thoughts on how the events went on our unofficial blog