​​​​​​​This is where we provide officers and councillors with tools, information, suggestions and examples to help make good, confident decisions. These could relate to resourcing, delivering a high quality service, innovation and transformation or providing knowledge and updates to keep you up to date with the ever changing world of planning and local government. 

Peer Challenges

As part of our offer to foster sector-led improvement in planning we offer a range of peer support including planning service reviews (a planning improvement peer challenge), a ‘lighter' more focussed shorter piece of peer support and a peer review of a planning committee.
"A planning peer challenge can help your service to improve. We know that confidence in the process and the recommendations is high, and impact on authorities significant.  One participant described it, a ‘powerful' process and a Chief Executive of an authority who had a recent challenge said that it was a very positive process for Brent which provided invaluable feedback from a group of peers in a challenging but supportive context. The process was flexible and could be tailored to focus on the areas which were most relevant to us and the feedback we received was both insightful and practical. " - Carolyn Downs, Chief Exec, Brent

Transformation, Innovation and shared services

We are developing a suite of support for councils participating in alternative providers pilot, transforming services as part of devolution and using fee freedoms to deliver improved services. Contact Richard.Crawley@local.gov.uk for more information.

For Councillors

Much of our work will be helpful whatever your role, but more specifically for councillors we have: