We can come to your council and do a training session for all councillors, or those on the planning committee.

For councils who might be at risk of designation for their performance on the number of planning applications lost on appeal, we might be able to deliver our making defensible planning decisions session at no cost to you. Other sessions would be charged at a cost recovery level.

However if you would like to commission PAS to do a number of sessions as part of your training plan for your planning committee we can do that. An example of this can be found here.

Please contact for a discussion and a quote.

If you are interested in attending a PAS facilitated discussion with officials from DCLG on the proposal to pilot an ‘alternative provider' model for the processing of planning applications please register your interest, letting us know your preferred city location for a session, by emailing

In the summer of 2014 we commissioned a series of Planning on the Doorstep briefing notes, which help councillors to understand the planning issues raised by constituents on topical planning issues. These include Fracking, Green Belt, Money, Population and Rural Housing. They remain very relevant to issues today. 


Current offer of support

These are either events you can attend or support you can request, see the options below.