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Here at PAS we think it's good to communicate. We are fortunate enough to meet and talk with a wide cross-section of interesting people all over the country, and sometimes we like to spend our travelling time writing up a blog post about what we have learned. The blog is deliberately a bit more thoughtful and at times almost whimsical. We also hang out on our Knowledge Hub with many enormously knowledgeable people.

When we don't know the answer to something, this is where we go for answers. To enable this, we have a PAS discussion forum and the PAS blog.


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PAS Forum

Our forum is hosted on a partner organisation called the KHub, along with many other groups both open and closed. Our one tip for getting the most from the forum is to set up what they call a "subscription" which is a daily digest of activity. We run separate groups for plan-making, DM and enforcement as well as some geekier groups for housing statistics and performance. 




PAS Blog

PAS Blog

We also maintain an off-site and unofficial blog for when we want to let off some steam or share our emerging thoughts. It's been going since 2011, but we're not the most avid bloggers. You will notice there are some themes we keep returning to - most commonly management and purpose. We like it when we have "guest posters" so if there is something you'd like to get off your chest let us know.