Who we are and what we do

Getting planning right is important for councils. It allows them to manage development, ensuring that the best possible outcomes are delivered for places. It requires political and technical leadership and engaged communities. Helping councils is what we do.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government provides a grant each year for the PAS so we can provide support to councils. We are funded to help get local plans up-to-date and to improve decision-making, as well as running event series on topical issues. We can also work with councillors and do thorough "peer challenge" reviews of planning departments. We believe in a ‘sector led' improvement approach, where local authorities help each other to continuously improve.

We are a small team of seven, with some people based on the 5th floor of the LGA's building on Smith Square and the others working remotely. Early in 2020 we had a swap around so the person looking after the policy area might be a new face.

Anna is the head of PAS. She oversees all our work and does lots of our public speaking and liaison.

Martin looks after our local plans work. This includes plan review, proportionate evidence and public engagement.

Nicola is the lead for Development Management - mostly focused on performance. She is also working on a new bit of the PAS programme dealing with Gypsy & Traveller provision in local plans.

Richard is working on developer contributions (CIL and s106) and the Infrastructure Funding statement. He is also possibly going to finish and publish the GDPR work before he retires. 

Rachael leads our work on delivery, principally the housing delivery test but also the annual position statement and land supply more generally. 

Steve is our lead on strategic planning and is also starting a new bit of PAS work on nitrates, phosphates and natura 2000 sites. 

We all enjoy peer review and commercial work, and bicker with each other about who gets to do what. Contact our team inbox with any general enquiries and one of us will get back to you (or refer you to the KHub if its something we don't know).