Plan making - direct support

Our priority is to help councils get an up to date local plan in place as soon as possible, so that places have a framework for making local decisions. Some councils have yet to get their plans to publication stage, others already have an adopted plan and are looking to revise it to reflect the National Planning Policy Framework and/or the revocation of Regional Strategies. Some Councils may need some help to make this happen, to understand what needs to be done to get a good plan in place and to be clear about commitments and resources. We can work with officers and councillors on technical aspects, or 'softer' issues, as appropriate.

What is the PAS offer?

We provide support on various aspects of plan making. We can help you with:

We can work with you on one or more of these areas. At the end of the support both you, and PAS, will get a short report which you will be able to use to help assess your progress and determine future action. The report contains recommendations and advice, as well as highlighting areas of good practice. (It is not, though, a pre-examination soundness check).

What will it achieve?

The intention is that it will save you time and money and give you confidence that you are doing the right work. Or if not, then it will help you back on the right track. It will help provide you with information about your project plan, including allocating resources and assessing risks. It will highlight where you might have too much, or not enough, evidence, and also how your evidence informs your emerging policy. It will help give you confidence in moving forward, and understand the issues you may face and how to deal with them. It will also offer an opportunity to look at emerging good practice elsewhere, and to showcase your own work.


Am I eligible for it?

Our focus is on helping authorities to get an up to date plan progressed and in place, to avoid intervention by government in early 2017. Some of the materials on the website can be used as self-serve. If you have already published a local plan, or have adopted and are looking to revise, the support web pages are your starting point. If you can't find what you are looking for, then get in touch. We can offer access to our supplier framework, which means you can get their services at the same cost that we do.


How does it work?

The support is provided by one of our suppliers from our framework. It is flexible and can be delivered via a combination of on-site meetings or workshops, and distance support, via phone and e-mail. We seek to minimise the impact on your daily work, and will not ask you to produce any reports or summaries, or carry out further work specifically to meet our review.


How much does it cost?

Some councils are eligible for free support and some have to pay for it. Contact for more information on eligibility. If you are accessing our supplier framework then you will pay the same rates that we do, subject to some terms and conditions.


How long does it take?

It varies, depending on what your needs are.  Once you contact us we'll liaise with you over when the support will start.


What do I have to do?

We may, at some point in the future, ask for your help in writing a case study, sharing information with other councils, talking at an event, or answering some questions as part of our evaluation. We just ask that you give us a bit of your time to help.


How do I set it up?