Green Belt Review

Planning to meet objectively assessed needs may require some very difficult decisions to be made. Perhaps the most difficult for any area is to make a decision to review the green belt. PAS has developed a support offer which focuses on the practical steps you will need to carry out in order to do the review in a robust and defensible way.


The support will cover the following 3 areas:

  • review the council's methodology for undertaking a green belt review
  • review the key evidence base and outcomes of a green belt review
  • work with the council's officers to present various aspects of the review to elected members to aid understanding and decision making.

This support works whether you are carrying out the review in house or using consultants. The support is designed to be carried out with minimum disruption to your regular work. It can involve on site meetings at your request, or be carried out purely through sharing files electronically and having phone support. If you have green belt, and you have been considering reviewing it, then get in touch to see how we can help you. For more information, please contact: