OAN and 5-year land supply support

Since the introduction of the NPPF in 2012, local authorities have the responsibility for assessing and determining their own housing needs. This support is structured to help you by:

  • Helping you understand what types of information are available and where you can find them
  • How you can interpret the evidence you have
  • How you can move from an understanding of need to identifying a requirement for your plan.

5-year land supply

Once you have identified your plan requirement, you will need to be able to demonstrate a 5-year land supply. This element of the support helps clarify the calculation and what can be included. We illustrate some of the key issues with reference to latest decisions made at examinations or S.78 Appeals.

Who is the support for, what is its purpose and what are the benefits to me?
These support packages are designed for anyone likely to be directly involved in this work, whether planning policy officers or other colleagues who may provide input to the process. The module has been designed to be delivered to a minimum of three and a maximum of six people. It is intended to give you and your colleagues the skills and confidence to interpret the evidence and understand how to put robust monitoring in place.
What does the support look like?
We offer on-site modules depending on where you are in the Local Plan process. Should you feel that you have progressed this, we can also provide a critical friend review of the work you have done to date and the assumptions you are making.
Module 1: An Introduction to OAN (0.5 days). In the first session you will gain an understanding of how to access the data that is available to you and also how to interpret it.
Module 2: OAN – Principles and progress (1 day). This session uses the PAS OAN Advice note to delve into the key areas for assessing need in your area. We take you through our note in order for you to be able to piece together your evidence in a way which will also help you prepare for your examination. We cover the main areas that Inspectors will be seeking answers on:
  • Defining your geography
  • Understanding the projections
  • Balancing jobs and workers
  • Affordable housing
  • From need to requirement.
Module 3: 5-year land supply (0.5 days). This session will take you through the calculation of your 5-year land supply. We will cover the types of sites you can include, help you avoid common mistakes, and provide you with confidence in your monitoring.
Do I need to do anything in advance?
Some preparation in advance of the support would help ensure that you gain maximum benefit. In particular, you may want to:
  • Read the PAS technical advice note
  • Gather available information to support the workshop exercises. This may include the SHMA, the SHLAA and other evidence base documents.

More information

If you're interested in this support or have any further questions, email: pas@local.gov.uk.