Plan making direct support - review of your evidence base

PAS are offering a support package to support local authorities in reviewing their evidence base, to help them progress their local plans. The materials below can be downloaded and used as necessary.

*Please note that the material was produced prior to the publication of the Draft online NPPG and requires a health warning in this respect.

Presentation for workshop 1: Overview – identifying the key evidence requirements

This presentation explains the types of evidence needed to support plan making, assists with assessing your own evidence base and identifies common pitfalls in evidence collection and management

This can be used to consider the evidence required to support the particular plan, the role of that evidence.


This supports the completion of the evidence base analysis template with further examples.


Presentation for workshop 2: The relationship between planning policy and evidence

Explains the purposes of evidence in informing policy and advises on its management.


Presentation for workshop 3: Evidence national and regional policy

This presentation explores the key requirements of the NPPF in relation to evidence.


A framework to check against the requirements of the NPPF.


A framework to consider the sub-regional and regional-based approach for the authority.


Presentation for workshop 4a: working with adjoining authorities

Consideration of cross-boundary matters and the Duty to Co operate in relation to evidence.

Consideration of why, when and what to monitor.