Plan review

Who is this support for?

Councils without a local plan, whether you have been to examination and had to withdraw, or you have yet to get to publication for the first time.

Support details

As you are drafting your plan, you may want to have a chat about how it is going. We can offer a critical friend review of the plan. This will help you ensure it is covering the issues you have identified and delivers your vision for the place.

Whilst you can access this support at any time in your plan making, you may find it more helpful to wait until key evidence is in place so we can help you assess how that has informed the plan. There is separate support on your evidence base (provide a link back to that page here please).
The reviews also takes into consideration matters of compliance with planning and environmental assessment regulations. A plan review is akin to a health check. It is about helping councils to ‘take a step back' and understand the risks and opportunities that the plan in its current form presents.
The output is generally a short advice note setting out some thoughts and suggested actions. Outcomes can include increased confidence in the draft plan and an understanding of any vulnerable areas, plus potential mitigating actions.
We offer up to 4 days of our supplier time for them to look through the plan and write a report setting out any thoughts and recommendations for further action. This is usually delivered through telephone conversations and emails. However, if you would like an initial ‘scoping meeting' where you can set out your issues in more detail, we can provide this as part of the 4 days support.
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