Updating your Local Plan

Who is this support for?  

Councils who:  
  • Adopted their plans pre-NPPF publication
  • Adopted their plans after November 2011, using RS housing figures
  • Don't have a 5-year land supply 
  • Have neighbouring authorities with unmet objectively assessed development needs and need their help to deliver.
The support is available to you at whatever stage you are at; either at the beginning of a plan review or if you have already started one. 

Support details 

Plan review, critical friend and update 

The plan review draws on recent government announcements, Planning Practice Guidance (PPG), policy and the tests of soundness presented within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the latest reports on local plans issued by the Planning Inspectorate (PINS).  
The reviews also takes into consideration matters of compliance with planning and environmental assessment regulations. A plan review is akin to a health check. It is about helping councils to ‘take a step back' and understand the risks and opportunities that the plan in its current form presents.

The output is generally a short advice note setting out some thoughts and suggested actions. Outcomes can include increased confidence in the draft plan and an understanding of any vulnerable areas, plus potential mitigating actions.

The critical friend support is there for you if you are further along with your review and want someone to offer an independent view of your progress. This can be a ‘light touch' review just looking at evidence topics and assessing potential gaps, or it could look more closely at emerging content and offer self-assessment style prompts to provide assurance or offer suggestions.
Both the plan review and critical friend support will involve up to four days' consultant support.  
In addition, if required, we will offer: 

Project planning 

Support to develop a project plan and timetable to manage the work necessary and resources required to make your plan up to date.  This will involve task and programme planning to define the key tasks for each of the main areas of work.  We will work with you to develop a resource plan to achieve the tasks and to produce a schedule to meet your LDS milestones.
This will involve up to two days consultant support. 

Support outcomes

  • More confidence that you are covering all the necessary areas to update your plan and satisfy NPPF requirements.
  • Greater efficiency, by identifying and focusing on those areas that need to be updated.
  • A realistic timetable to manage your plan timetable and the resources needed.
For more information, please contact: pas@local.gov.uk.