Permitted Development

Simplifying and speeding up the planning process through the grant of permitted development.

MARCH 2020 UPDATE - Amendments to The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) (Amendment) Order 2020 now allow for a temporary period of one year the change of use of pubs, cafes and restaurants to the provision of takeaway food.

As set out in government guidance, development does not in all instances require a formal planning application to be made for permission to carry out the development. Other forms of planning permission can be automatically granted in a local area with the intent to streamline the planning process and set out the framework for development in an area.

Those intending to carry out the development may still need to submit information to the local planning authority for approval but the benefit of these important planning tools is to provide greater certainty for applicants on the principle of development, thereby aiding investment and confidence in an area.

    To demonstrate how permitted development tools can work effectively we have published research on 10 case study Local Development Orders (LDOs) that cover an impressive range of different development types and scales. This is accompanied by an interactive map of England which highlights all of the LDOs made to date. This research is supported by updated technical guidance (March 2019) designed for key stakeholders to help them understand how to bring forward Local Development Orders (LDOs).

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    Local Development Orders

    Further guidance on other forms of permitted development can be found in Government Planning Practice Guidance and includes the following: