Definition of Local Development Order

An Order made by a local planning authority (under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990) that grants planning permission for a specific development proposal or classes of development (The National Planning Policy Framework, 2018)

Local Development Orders (LDOs) can provide a flexible tool to simplify and streamline the planning process. LDOs can set the planning framework for particular areas or categories of development where the impacts would be acceptable, and in particular where they would promote economic, social or environmental gains for an area.

In January 2019 PAS will be publishing updated guidance on the making of LDOs. This is supported by case study research and analysis of ten LDOs that demonstrate how they can be used effectively to deliver a range of development types and scales, including major residential developments.

An interactive map highlighting all of the LDOs that have been put in to place across England has also been published and provides links to further information on each of the LDOs.

Together these provide a resource to Local Planning Authorities on the benefits of bringing forward LDO’s as well as giving guidance on the process for developing and implementing them, taking in to account the lessons learnt from other local planning authority experiences.