Are you ready to do your duty and cooperate?

Archived April 2016. This page will no longer be updated.

From our latest series on Strategic Planning and the Duty to Cooperate we found that lots of challenges remain, but new learning emerging and some good examples of progress being made.  

Key things people took away from the events :
  • Focus on strategic planning – if you are dealing with that you are doing your duty
  • Record what you've done and will be doing (using our new

     - Word 7 pages) starting NOW!
See all of the presentations, the materials and templates used at the events below.


Springing from our events, you can read:

(PDF 10 pages)

Duty to Cooperate Officer Presentation


(PPT 35 pages)

Further reading

For some background reading of what the duty requires in practice and lessons from local authorities that have been through examination recently, download:


(PDF 16 pages, 4.21MB)


(PDF 7 pages)


(May 2014) (PDF 10 pages)


(Sept 2013) (PDF 6 pages)


(Dec 2013) (PDF 10 pages)


(May 2014) (PDF 9 pages)

Further support

Alongside these events, PAS is offering individual support to councils. View Duty to Cooperate – on-site support for more details.

Event presentations and materials

For yet more info, feel free to download and/or view the presentations from the events.

Standard materials

These are relevant to all the events.

PAS Duty to Cooperate Statement Template (Word 3 pages) - This is in draft form. Feel free to email comments to

 (Word 2 pages) – key learning points from Inspectors to those LPAs who have  not successfully satisfied the  DtC at examination (background reading!). 

Event-specific presentations


London (18 November)



Missing media item.


Leeds (13 November)



Missing media item.



Birmingham (6 November)


Missing media item.

Bristol (23 October)


(PPT 6 slides)


London (14 October)


(PPT 12 slides)