Policies & Plans

​​​​​​​Support for local planning is in this section. Our focus is on helping authorities to get an up to date plan progressed and in place, to avoid intervention by government in early 2017.

We can help you in different ways:

  • Web materials - checklists and tools, guidance, briefings.  
  • Plan-making support specifically for your authority ('direct support') - for officers and/or councillors. 
  • Events (2016/17 programme is being planned) – check out the events and support page and make sure you register for our monthly newsletter to hear about them first.
Our plan-making support covers working with politicians to help secure progress and buy in, help with and challenge to your plan-production timetable and scope, critical review of your evidence base, your objectively assessed need approach or your five-year land supply. Or if there is something else you need that we could help with, we will try. If you are interested in support please get in touch; if you are at risk of intervention then the support will most likely be funded from our grant and so free to you; for others, please contact us at pas@local.gov.uk for a quote.
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Whatever stage your plan is at, we can come to your council and do a session for councillors on plan-making in general, or on more specific aspects (e.g. housing numbers). 
For neighbourhood planning we have some checklists, guides and case studies and we will be running some events in autumn/winter. 
If you are interested in any of this support at your council, please contact: pas@local.gov.uk.
Important: if you rely on our materials you should sign-up to our PAS Bulletin to be kept up-to-date whenever we make changes or edits to our guides and how-tos.