LNRS and the role of supporting authorities

PAS hosted a webinar with officials from Defra and Natural England for local authority officers to learn more about LNRS and the role of supporting authorities on 23rd May 2023. The event was attended by more than 400 officers and the slides and recording of the event are available on this page.

Slides from this event are available through Slideshare and to download as a PDF below, along with the event recording on YouTube.

Krista Patrick from PAS provided an introduction to the event together with an overview of the national context including the ambitions for a Nature Recovery Network and the important role that LNRS have in supporting delivery of this.

Andy Holden from Defra then provided an overview of LNRS and the role of supporting authorities.  This covered details around what are LNRSs, why are they important, the roles of responsible authorities and supporting authorities, why get involved, how LNRS are prepared and what to expect.

Jenny Lake from Natural England then ran through the type of support available on LNRS including the role of Natural England supporting responsible authorities and as a supporting authority to every LNRS. This was followed by Krista Patrick from PAS providing information on the Nature Recovery Project commissioned by Natural England to engage with local authorities to raise awareness and understanding of the importance and value of recovering nature and how this is being applied to LNRS.

Francis Castro from GLA then provided a local authority perspective from the Greater London Authority as a responsible authority but also Hackney Council as a supporting authority and how they are looking at taking forward nature recovery projects and LNRS in their area.

There was opportunity for questions and answers with key questions selected from Slido and responses provided by Andy Holden from Defra. Key themes that emerged were around timing, funding and resources, mapping and planning.




PDF of the slides from the PAS Natural England Biodiversity Net Gain Update event of 18 April 2023