Promoting bus travel - Brighton & Hove City Council

Buses have a key role in reducing congestion - every full bus can take up to 75 cars off the road. Brighton & Hove City Council has made great strides in prioritising buses in their local community.

Brighton & Hove City Council has been at the forefront of bus prioritisation for many years. Brighton has an extensive bus network with 20km of bus lanes used by 3000 buses a day. The council has had the ability to enforce them through CCTV and fixed penalty notices since 2005.

Brighton & Hove have identified key corridors in and out of the city in order to maximise how attractive bus travel is to passengers. They have also identified real time passenger information as a key driver to increasing bus use. Information on when a bus will arrive and how long it will take is key to allowing people to make informed choices about travel as well as allowing the council to monitor public transport performance.

Brighton & Hove have also agreed a bus partnership with all the big operators within the city.

The City Council has identified five critical factors for their success:

• prioritising road space for buses

• improved passenger waiting areas

• real time information displays

• ITS – Intelligent Transport System

• bus lane and traffic regulation enforcement.

This and other case studies related to reducing congestion can be found in the LGA publication 'A country in a jam: tackling congestion in our towns and cities'.