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Clean, connected and in-control: what tomorrow’s transport technology could mean for councils

This discussion paper examines developments we can expect; how innovative councils are getting involved in trials and the issues that all councils will need to address in the future.

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There is real change coming to the way we move around. Over the next generation we are going to see a major transition in cars and road vehicle technology that could eventually see our current vehicles replaced by transportation that is fully electric, automated and connected. This combination of technologies will bring about the most significant change in how we travel since the invention of the internal combustion engine.

The Government has made the future of mobility a ‘grand challenge’ in the Industrial Strategy. From a local leadership perspective the potential for public good from this technological revolution is significant, but the opportunities need to be grasped and challenges overcome.

Local government needs to be active in this conversation. If we are able to work in partnership with business, manufacturers and regulators, this technology could be harnessed to solve some of the most complex issues that we face, rather than simply serving narrow interests.

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