Corporate Peer Challenge Programme Annual Report 2018/19

The Corporate Peer Challenge continues to be an effective tool at the heart of the LGA’s Sector-Led Improvement (SLI) programme.

Sector-led improvement

This commitment continues to be demonstrated by the levels of take-up, with 71 Councils having engaged in Corporate Peer Challenge, Finance Peer Review, or a Corporate Peer Challenge Follow Up Visit during 2018/19 - which equates to nearly a fifth of the sector. This is an increase on 2017/18.

Overall the LGA has facilitated the delivery of 145 peer challenges in 2018/19 and enabled the deployment of 2,300 days donated by the sector to its own improvement through the peer challenge process. This clearly demonstrates the significant investment by the sector in its own improvement.

Councillor Peter Fleming, Chairman, LGA Improvement and Innovation Board

Corporate Peer Challenge Programme Annual Report 2018/19
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