COVID-19: a leadership workbook for cabinet members

A councillor’s workbook on the role of leaders and cabinet members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Councillor development

The scale of the challenge that councils are currently facing requires strong, responsive and resilient leadership. To address this, the LGA is refocusing its leadership offer so that senior councillors can continue to access learning resources and share experiences with our peers. This includes ensuring that we have access to online leadership tools, like this workbook, to support us in our vital role in the national effort to respond to COVID-19.

We are clearly living through unprecedented times. Everything we currently do in local government to support our communities, work in new partnerships and keep our staff safe is in some way new and uncharted territory.

As cabinet members we have an extra responsibility to ensure that we build the best possible relationships with our senior officers, entire workforce and all councillors to ensure that they are kept fully informed and that we know about the personal challenges that they may be facing. We have a responsibility to make sure that those who are either self-isolating or are shielded are not excluded and isolated more than they need to be.

This new workbook contains transferable learning that we have all acquired from the experience of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as new skills and ways of working which will resonate with whatever ‘new normal’ the country and local government finds itself in.

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