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A councillor's guide to procurement 2019 COVER

A councillor's guide to procurement: 2019 edition

The LGA worked closely with councils to develop the National Procurement Strategy 2018 and a toolkit that enables councils to set their own objectives and measure their own progress.

Managing the menopause at work

Managing the menopause at work

The aim of this guide is to assist you to look at the different things you can do to ensure your organisation is ‘menopause friendly’ and that talking about and managing the menopause at work is as normal as managing any other health condition.

Making Safeguarding Personal for commissioners and providers of health and social care COVER

Making Safeguarding Personal for commissioners and providers of health and social care

This briefing is designed to reinforce and build on earlier work on good practice when making safeguarding personal for health and social care commissioners and providers.

Making Safeguarding Personal 2018/19 case studies COVER

Making Safeguarding Personal 2018/19 case studies

These case studies illustrate outcome focused practice in safeguarding adults in line with the Making Safeguarding Personal approach. They are from nine council areas who put forward case studies.

Cllr guide to digital connectivity

A councillor's guide to digital connectivity

Digital connectivity is an all-encompassing term used to describe mobile or fixed connections to the internet. Being connected in this way has become part of the fabric of everyday life – as important to communities and businesses as a water, gas or electricity connection.

One Public Estate: invitation to apply prospectus cover

One Public Estate: BPF Futures Challenge

A competition to bring new life to UK high streets.

ha and councils

Housing associations and councils working together to end homelessness

In November and December 2018, the Local Government Association (LGA) and the National Housing Federation (NHF) hosted five roadshow events across England, under the theme: ‘Working Together to tackle Homelessness’.

Suicide prevention sector led improvement prospectus 2019/20 COVER

Suicide prevention sector-led improvement prospectus 2019/20

This sector-led improvement programme is an opportunity for councils and their partners to access leading expertise, learn from one another and share good practice.

Local government social care data standards and interoperability COVER

Local government social care data standards and interoperability

Around the country many councils are working with people, providers of care, the voluntary and community sector and health partners to ensure that information is shared, and people’s needs met. In this paper you will read examples of where councils and other partners are working together to make this happen.

National graduate development programme 2019/20 COVER

National Graduate Development Programme 2019/20 brochure

Our fast-track graduate programme provides the opportunity to work directly with communities, but also to influence policies and plans at a senior level. All while earning a graduate salary and completing our local government-specific leadership and management qualification.