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Get in on the act - local government disqualification act

Get in on the Act: The Local Government (Disqualification) Act 2022

This briefing outlines what the Act covers and how it will impact local government.

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Rural recognition, recovery, resilience and revitalisation

Pragmatix Advisory has been commissioned by the Local Government Association (LGA) to explore the economic challenges facing rural and coastal areas, with a particular focus on deprivation, and outline what steps government can take to strengthen the recovery and resilience of these communities within the current context.

Strategic sites front cover

Effective delivery of strategic sites (accessible version)

There are a number of ‘stages’ in the planning process, and this Toolkit is structured to take you through each stage of these in turn.

Creating local green jobs report

Creating local green jobs

Following the successful completion of the Leading and Learning Programme (L&LP) this report seeks to capture the learnings across all of the individual authorities involved, the process and the outputs from the Action Learning Sets (ALS) and the output from the final symposium.

improving digital citizenship

Improving digital citizenship: A practical guide for councillors

Social media has become an important public space, where councillors share political information and engage with other councillors, support officers and residents. But it also opens the door for abuse, harassment and intimidation, along with the spread of misinformation. This guide provides practical advice and resources for councillors as they continue to navigate this space.

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Improving digital citizenship: Research and good practice

Online harassment, intimidation and abuse, and the spread of mis and disinformation, are now major challenges to local democracy. This guide outlines research in relation to councillors and digital citizenship, and looks at the good work going on in the UK and abroad. 

Local service delivery and place-shaping: A framework to support parish and town councils front cover

Local service delivery and place-shaping: A framework to support parish and town councils

​​​​​​​This document presents a framework for principal councils looking to support parish and town (local) councils to play an increased role in local service delivery and place-shaping. While it is aimed at principal councils, the research has also been steered by interviews and discussion with representatives of the local council sector.

Devolution deal to delivery

Devolution deal to delivery

A guide to help councils navigate devolution deals, with a particular focus on understanding the lessons from developing a deal to delivering it.

front cover for must know online harms publications

Must Know: Online harms

The purpose of this guide is to raise awareness about online harms and empower councillors by providing an introduction to online risks, an overview of the Online Safety Bill, key considerations, signposting to useful resources, as well as a checklist to support effective decision making.

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Guidance on Local Government Association Model Councillor Code of Conduct

Supporting guidance which is aimed to help understanding and consistency of approach towards the LGA's Model Councillor Code of Conduct.