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Partners in Care and Health and Adult PSW Network

A practical resource to help principal social workers prepare for Care Quality Commission assessment

The resource has been developed in response to conversations with, and feedback from principal social workers (PSWs), chairs of national and regional PSW networks and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services regional leads. It has also been informed by learning from the pilot sites, and tools and techniques from the worlds of coaching and learning and development.

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Green text white on white background reading Navigating financial uncertainty and building resilience. LGA logo top left. Ernst and Young logos top right

Navigating financial uncertainty and building resilience: guiding principles

The local government sector has been grappling with sustained financial pressures since 2010, encountering a myriad challenges that complicate the task of budgeting and planning for the medium-term. This guide focuses on helping local authorities’ finance functions to plan and manage in these challenging times.

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White text reading Improvement and assurance framework for local government on orange and blue background

Improvement and assurance framework for local government

Each council must take appropriate measures to gain assurance both of the performance of its services and of its corporate governance. This framework is designed to support local authorities to understand the various components of assurance and accountability in local government, and to access guidance and support to increase the effectiveness of assurance activities in the sector.

Front cover of pre election guidance

A short guide to publicity during the pre-election period

This guide provides advice and guidance on the publicity restrictions that should be observed by local authorities during the pre-election period.

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A dark green/blue background with small colourful speech bubble icons with silhouettes of figures in the centre of each. Bottom of the image has the text Must know.

Must know for youth services

Councils have a statutory duty to “secure, so far as is reasonably practicable, sufficient provision of educational and recreational leisure-time activities for young people” and to make sure young people have a say in the local offer. This is often referred to as the ’youth services duty’.

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The Care Act 2014: Ten years on from Royal Assent

The Care Act 2014: Ten years on from Royal Assent

A decade on since the Care Act received Royal Assent, our publication reflects on the extent to which the aims of the legislation have been achieved and, where they have not, what changes are needed to deliver fully on the Act’s ambitions.

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Adult mental health social care: Report from the findings of the 2023 insight survey

The findings of our adult mental health social care insight survey carried out in September 2023. The survey aimed to find out about current practices in mental health social care in order to help shape and inform our future support to councils as partners in integrated care boards.

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What good looks like: Values-based recruitment in adult social care

Evidence shows that values-based recruitment (VBR) can improve the recruitment and retention of people who perform better and are more satisfied in their care roles. This guide showcases good practice, success factors and evidence of what works in council-led VBR campaigns in different local contexts, to support sector-led improvement. It provides practical insights and advice for organisations wishing to adopt VBR, and a framework to help capture the impact of VBR campaigns.

A n image of a white page in the centre of the page is the text Corporate parenting resource pack for councillors.

Corporate parenting: Resource pack for councillors

Every councillor has a role to play in embedding corporate parenting principles and doing all they can to support children in care to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. This resource pack helps provide an overview of this role and how they can fulfil it as effectively as possible.

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A plain white image with a dark pink strip along the bottom. Text in the middle reads: Placements for children in care: resource pack. The LGA logo is in the top left corner.

Placements for children in care: Resource pack

This resource pack gives councillors an overview of the key legislative and policy issues regarding placements for children in care. The resource explores good practice, key issues and things to look at in local areas to try to improve the sufficiency and quality of placements, so that every child can live in the best possible home.

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Make It Local

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