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Resident satisfaction survey front cover

Polling on resident satisfaction with councils: Round 33 October 2022

Six key indicators are used to measure residents’ views of their local council. Respondents are also asked to indicate their level of satisfaction with nine council services. Other questions focus on perceptions of safety, trust in politicians and government, and media coverage of councils. Additional questions are occasionally asked.

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Council guide to tackling modern slavery

This revised modern slavery guidance provides an overview of modern slavery and the UK framework for tackling it, and provides targeted sections for officers working in different council services to help them understand their specific responsibilities.

Front cover of report on sexual-health-services

Breaking point: Securing the future of sexual health services

This report comes at a time when commissioners and providers of sexual health services have been making repeated calls to the government to address the long-term funding and capacity challenges across local authority commissioned sexual health services.

Place-based adult skills and training front cover

Place-based adult skills and training

Improving adult skills is vital to individual progression in work and to the productive growth of the economy. The LGA commissioned this study, by the Heseltine Institute at the University of Liverpool, to evidence the continuing need for improved adult skills and the contribution of local government to delivering inclusive, economically relevant and place-based training.

New mobility options - car clubs front cover

New mobility options: car clubs

This report provides an overview of the car club market, defining the different models before exploring their benefits and then considerations for councils to ensure the benefits are realised.

Neighbourhood approach to decarbonisation cover

Neighbourhood approach to decarbonisation

DG Cities was commissioned by the Local Government Association to capture insights and intelligence that can support councils to utilise neighbourhood strategies and solutions to deliver against their decarbonisation objectives

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Fixed Penalty Notices Research Report October 2022

From May 2022 to September 2022 the LGA conducted a survey across all 322 councils in England and Wales, to capture the views of councils outside of London see whether they would benefit from having the same powers as London in handing out fixed penalty notices (FPNs) to offenders.

Combined authorities and the creative industries cover

Combined authorities and the creative industries

This report explores the role of combined authorities in relation to the creative industries and the potential of new opportunities for combined authorities to fulfil this role.

LGA business plan cover 2022

LGA business plan 2022-2025

This business plan sets out our priorities to promote, improve and support local government.

Integrated workforce thinking guide: Practical solutions to support integrated care systems

This guide has been written to support employers in integrated workforce thinking, in line with delivering the ICS strategy.

Build back local

To build back better, we must build back local.

Build back local: Building back better

Read the full 2021 LGA Annual Conference paper.


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