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Evaluation of the children in trouble programme

The Children in Trouble programme is a joint project supported by LGA and the Howard League for Penal Reform and sets out to encourage, develop and showcase different approaches to reducing the use of custodial sentences. This report documents the programme's achievements and challenges following an evaluation by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).

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Safeguarding post-Laming: initial scoping study

Completed by NFER and commissioned by LGAAR on behalf of the IDeA, this short scoping paper provides an overview of the research work on child safeguarding that had taken place since the Baby Peter episode.

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Intergenerational practice: outcomes and effectiveness

The National Foundation for Educational Research (NfER), with the National Youth Agency (NYA) and National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE), was commissioned by the LGA to examine what works in intergenerational practice. Intergenerational practice refers to activities that bring together older adults and young people or children.

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The impact of the Baby Peter case on applications for care orders

Following the death of Baby Peter Connelly in August 2007, the government took steps to review the effectiveness of arrangements for safeguarding children in England, which led to the publication of the Laming Review in March 2009.

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Safeguarding children – Literature review

This literature review was commissioned by LGA and conducted by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).

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Corporate Parenting Week: council resource pack

Looking after other people's children is one of the most important things councils do. It is the responsibility of all councillors, not just the lead member for children's services and officers.

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10 questions to ask if you're scrutinising services for looked-after children

This guide, revised in 2012 aims to provide clear and succinct the key issues to cover in a scrutiny review of corporate parenting.

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Establishing Local Healthwatch: engaging with children and young people

Establishing local Healthwatch (LHW) is a series of briefings produced by the LGA to assist local authorities and their partners in local communities and the NHS to support the commissioning, setting up and early development of local Healthwatch.

National child measurement programme briefing for elected members cover

National Child Measurement programme: briefing for elected members

They address a number of transitional issues relating to the transfer of responsibility for delivering the National Child Measurement programme, which moved from PCTs to local government in April 2013.

The council role in school place planning

The council role in school place planning: Making sure there are enough school places locally' looks at some of the measures taken by councils to meet the recent surge in demand for school places and gives a five-point plan which the LGA believes is necessary to ensure councils have the funding and power to create the further new places needed.   

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