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Understanding commissioning: a practical guide for the culture and sport sector

The purpose of this guide is to help people in the culture and sport sector understand the process of strategic commissioning in public services and how to engage in it to produce better outcomes for communities.


Transforming the delivery of sport in local communities – elected member leadership academies

The Sport Leadership Academy is organised by the Local Government Association (LGA) in partnership with Sport England and is targeted at any Cabinet member/Portfolio holder with responsibility for sport.


Transforming the delivery of sport and physical activity in local communities

This publication reviews the Leadership Essentials programme for cabinet members/portfolio holders with responsibility for sport and physical activity.


The Visitor Economy: a potential powerhouse of local growth

Councils are playing a key leadership role in capitalising on their local visitor economy’s growth potential through creating the conditions for it to thrive and ensuring a rich cultural offer to attract visitors. However there are opportunities to further drive this growth through increasing productivity. This means getting visitors to spend more when they visit. 


Taking the lead – Self-regulation and improvement in culture, tourism and sport

This leaflet sets out how the LGA is supporting members and officers to lead self-regulation and improvement in the culture, tourism and sport sector.

Supplying skills for the local visitor economy COVER

Supplying skills for the local visitor economy

Based on a set of six case studies from across England, the research findings highlight the significant challenges the sector faces in retaining its competitive edge in terms of productivity, recruitment and skills.


Revitalising town centres: a handbook for council leadership

This handbook and the accompanying online toolkit offer guidance on how to approach the revitalisation of town and city centres by delivering long-term impacts and using broad principles that can be tailored to meet local needs.


People, culture, place - The role of culture in placemaking

Best practice and and better understanding roles in championing, and delivering the placemaking agenda.

Making the most of your museums: a handbook for councillors COVER

Making the most of your museums: a handbook for councillors

Produced with Arts Council England, this handbook shares innovative case studies and advice for council-run museums, including operating models, partnership working and how museums can contribute to wider local priorities.


Local solutions: boosting the visitor economy

The evidence base showing how devolution can boost visitor economy-led growth throughout England.