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Conditional fee agreements

An advice and best practice guide for councils Local authorities are feeling the financial pinch due to a continuing trend in spurious compensation claims. This guide provides advice to councils on how to tackle this increasing problem, with case study examples highlighting best and worst practice. This publication was originally published on 1 July 2004

Local government reputation campaign: delivering for people and places

Local government plays a huge role in people's lives and, according to the Treasury, is 'widely recognised' as the most efficient part of the public sector, making £2.6m a day in savings. So why is it that public satisfaction of council services is improving, but the public perception of councils is not?

Lifting the Burdens Task Force: bringing about a new relationship between central and local government and citizens

This publication sets out early findings of the Lifting the Burdens Task Force in the form of challenges for central and local government and maps the way forward for the task force over the next 12 months.

Regional improvement and efficiency partnerships (RIEPs) – Programme achievements and legacy

RIEPs – regional improvement and efficiency partnerships – play a key role in supporting councils. Put simply, they help councils and their partners to deliver better services by supporting them in their efforts to become more efficient, innovative and engaged with citizens.

Keep it REAL: Responsive, Efficient, Accountable, Local services

Public services are changing because taxpayers demand it; they want the public sector to be more affordable, give better value for money and put individuals and families in control of the services they use.

Empowering communities and making the most of local assets – a guide for officers

We know that local people in communities across the country are concerned about losing local assets and services – from inner-city community centres to village pubs and post offices.

Local Government Earnings Survey 2014/15

The survey collects details of individual local government posts; the results are based on around 850,000 posts. This not only improves the quality of the data but enables us to produce robust estimates of pay by occupational groups.


Under pressure – How councils are planning for future cuts

Councils are currently half way through a scheduled 40 per cent cut in funding from central government. Having delivered £10 billion of savings in the three years from 2011/12, local authorities have to find the same savings again in the next two years.

A shared commitment: Local government and the Spending Review

A strong partnership with local government will support the Government in tackling the significant challenge of reducing the national deficit over the period of this Parliament, while at the same time ensuring the quality front line services that the public want and need. This partnership can be based on a shared commitment to achieving agreed outcomes in three areas:

National Procurement Strategy for Local Government in England: One Year On

The National Procurement Strategy (NPS) for Local Government in England sets out a vision for local government procurement.


Build back local

To build back better, we must build back local.

Build back local: Building back better

Read the full 2021 LGA Annual Conference paper.


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