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Delivering the Armed Forces Covenant locally cover image

Delivering the Armed Forces Covenant locally

The Local Government Association commissioned Shared Intelligence to pull together ten case studies of projects supported by the Covenant Fund. This report presents the results of that research.

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Glass half full cover

A glass half-full: 10 years on review

The asset-based approach sees citizens and communities as co-producers of health and wellbeing. It promotes community networks, relationships and friendships as a way of providing mutual help and support and empowers communities to control their futures and create tangible resources for themselves.

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LGA Research cover thumbnail

Bridging hotels and homelessness for Afghan households research report

To monitor homelessness pressures caused by the closure of bridging hotels for Afghan nationals, in August 2023, an online survey was sent to 44 councils in England with bridging hotels in their area.

Councillor Briefing pack: Resilient Communities

Topic specific briefing packs providing guidance and advice to councillors on how preparing for a changing climate can help achieve wider local priorities.

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Councillor workbook: neighbourhood and community engagement

In this workbook you will encounter a number of features designed to help you think about the issues surrounding the development of neighbourhood and community engagement.

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LGA Research cover thumbnail

Debate Not Hate Survey 2023

In June 2023, the Local Government Association sent an online survey to councillors in England and Wales, to investigate the extent to which they had experienced abuse or intimidation

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Ending abuse in public life for councillors

Debate Not Hate: Ending abuse in public life for councillors

Our publication outlines how councils can better support councillors to prevent and handle abuse and includes principles for councils to consider, top tips and good practice case studies.

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Debate not hate: The impact of abuse on local democracy thumbnail

Debate Not Hate: The impact of abuse on local democracy

Our call for evidence of abuse and intimidation of councillors was launched in October 2021. This report sets out the findings and recommendations for the future of local democracy.

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Developing local digital leadership skills and capacity

The purpose of this paper is to identify ways in which the leadership skills and capacity required in local government to understand and exploit digital tools and approaches effectively can best be developed and supported.

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Doing something big: building a better society together

This report from the Local Government Group's Big Society Task Force shows how democratically-elected local councillors are at the forefront of developing stronger, more empowered and more resilient communities.

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Make It Local

To deliver priorities for the public the Government needs to #MakeItLocal

Make It Local

By the start of 2025, we will have had a general election. This is a moment of opportunity.


Cllr Helen Belcher OBE on how her constituents are her priority 👇 “Being a fairly prominent trans woman means I do…

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