Realising Talent: the case for devolved employment and skills

In Investing in our nation's future: the first 100 days of the next government, the LGA called for powers, funding and responsibility to be devolved to local places. With increased scope to respond flexibly to local circumstances, we could halve the number of unemployed young people, reduce long-term unemployment by a third, and better serve local employers' current and future skills demands.

Since then the LGA City Regions and People and Places Boards' commissioned the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion to produce a series of three reports to identify the challenges faced by an incoming or returning Government of a national employment, skills and welfare system, and then offer a local government solution.

1. Realising Talent: employment and skills for the future - focused on the impact of a future skills deficit on local places.

2. Realising Talent for Everyone - focused on a national system from the perspective of the unemployed and people with low skills.

3. Realising Talent: a new framework for devolved employment employment and skills - proposes a local government solution to the challenges highlighted in the preceding two reports, including options for devolving the work programme