Housing Advisers Programme: helping councils meet housing needs of their area

The Housing Advisers Programme has been designed to help councils meet the housing need of their local area. Flexible and locally-led, the new programme funds an independent expert for up to 20 days, providing bespoke support to a local authority project to deliver homes, reduce homelessness, or generate savings or revenues.

Most partners now acknowledge that the housing market is broken, and needs fixing. The housing crisis is forcing difficult choices on families, distorting places, hampering growth, and putting untold pressure on local authority services and budgets.

As housebuilders, housing enablers, and landlords; as planners, place-shapers, and agents of growth, transport and infrastructure; as responsible guardians to the vulnerable and the homeless; and as democratically accountable to communities – local government is at the heart of the solution.

There is impressive innovation emerging across local government's housing activities, and the LGA wants to increasingly help promote, facilitate and enhance the role and capacity of local authorities to meet local housing need. This is the ambition of the Housing Advisers Programme

The Housing Advisers Programme funds the provision of an independent adviser offering bespoke expert support to local authorities for a specific project working to deliver homes, reduce homelessness, or generate savings or revenues.

In supporting a local authority to deliver a project, the adviser might provide assistance scoping out the project; identifying skills need; technical expertise; relationship development; advising on delivery etc.

Participating local authorities and will be asked to write up their experiences in undertaking the project and its impact for the benefit of sharing the learning across the sector, and participate in learning events and other activities as appropriate.

The programme will coordinate and oversee the delivery of projects and their outcomes, and integrate findings and learning into the LGA's wider improvement offer.

As the projects progress we will share case studies and reports from participating local authorities.