OPE Phase 6 funding

One Public Estate programme expands to help 90 per cent of councils to deliver 44,000 jobs and 25,000 homes.

64 councils will be joining the One Public Estate (OPE) programme, bringing the total number of councils participating in OPE to 319 – 90 per cent of all councils in England.

£13.8 million has been allocated to councils across new and existing partnerships on the programme.

The latest funding round means that by 2019 to 20 the partnerships on OPE expect to:

  • create 44,000 jobs
  • release land for 25,000 homes
  • raise £615 million in capital receipts from land and property sales
  • cut running costs by £158 million.

The funding will support public sector partnerships to work collaboratively on land and property initiatives, generating new jobs and homes, creating more joined up public services to local communities, and delivering savings for the taxpayer.

OPE remains firmly on track to achieve the ambition of 95 per cent of councils on the programme by 2018, with 90 per cent of councils across England now delivering through OPE.

To find out more about the programme, contact onepublicestate@local.gov.uk.

Partnerships awarded funding on the One Public Estate programme

All Phase 6 councils will receive support on projects.

Partnership 2017/18 Funding Allocation
Barnet Partnership 427,161.00
Transforming Bedfordshire 490,000.00
Bexley OPE Partnership 168,000.00
Buckinghamshire Public Estates Partnership 180,000.00
Cambridgeshire & Peterborough OPE Partnership 59,072.00
Cornwall 100,000.00
Croydon Social Infrastructure Planning Group 70,000.00
The Cumbrian Partnership 60,000.00
Devon and Torbay OPE Partnership 460,000.00
Dorset Community Offer for Living and Learning 60,000.00
East Riding One Public Estate 160,000.00
Essex Property Partnership Board 278,000.00
One Gloucestershire 100,000.00
Greater Brighton One Public Estate Partnership 305,000.00
Greater Lincolnshire One Public Estate 187,271.00
Greater London Authority 150,000.00
Greater Manchester Combined Authority 357,770.00
Havering and Barking & Dagenham Partnership 136,000.00
Hertfordshire Property Partnership (HPP) 125,000.00
Kensington & Chelsea 160,000.00
Kent Estates Partnership 225,000.00
Kingston One Public Estate Partnership 280,000.00
Kneller Hall Partnership 130,000.00
Lancashire Combined Authority 236,000.00
Leicestershire Partnership 253,919.00
Lewisham Partners 350,000.00
Liverpool City Region 320,000.00
London Borough of Brent 295,000.00
Luton One Public Estate Partnership 180,000.00
London Borough of Merton 260,000.00
Luton One Public Estate Partnership 180,000.00
Medway One Public Estate Partnership 200,000.00
Norfolk Partnership 370,000.00
North East One Public Estate Partnership 171,000.00
North Midlands 300,000.00
North Yorkshire Authorities Property Partnership 345,000.00
Oxfordshire One Public Estate 315,000.00
Poole Partnership 85,000.00
Portsmouth Harbour Partnership 177,500.00
Rutland One Public Estate (ROPE) 250,000.00
Sheffield City Region 240,000.00
Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Estates Partnership 150,000.00
Somerset OPE Partnership 50,000.00
Southampton One Public Estate Board 400,000.00
SPACES - East Sussex 135,000.00
Staffordshire One Public Estate Partnership 60,000.00
Surrey Public Estate Partnership 187,500.00
Swindon Town Centre Regeneration Partnership 295,000.00
Tees Valley Community Health and Wellbeing Integration


Connecting Warwickshire 310,000.00
Waltham Forest OPE Partnership 390,000.00
West London OPE Partnership 676,778.00
West Midlands Combined Authority


West of England OPE Partnership 440,000.00
West Suffolk Property Board


West Sussex One Public Estate Partnership 240,000.00
West Yorkshire Combined Authority 320,000.00
Wider Hampshire 50,000.00
One Wiltshire Estate Partnership 100,000.00
Worcestershire One Public Estate Partnership 270,000.00