Regional Brexit Sounding Boards

The LGA continues to work with local authorities to highlight the potential impacts of Brexit on local communities to central government and the wider public sector.

Part of this stream of work includes facilitating Regional Brexit Sounding Boards in conjunction with local councils, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and other relevant stakeholders.

The Sounding Boards are shaped around the local perspective of the host authority and provide an opportunity to raise and discuss key risks and opportunities for the local area. This information works to highlight to government that Brexit will affect different areas differently. The sessions are principally led by local authorities giving the council the opportunity to shape the agenda and lead the discussion in a manner most appropriate for them.

Since the referendum we have run successful sessions in Newcastle, Cornwall, West Lancashire, Bristol, Staffordshire, Tees Valley, and Yorkshire and Humber as well as wider sessions in the London, South East and East region and the East of England LGA.

As we draw closer to the UK’s exit from the EU we continue to work to reiterate the local government position to central government.

If your council is interested in producing a Regional Brexit Sounding Board, 
please get in touch for more details by emailing