Universal offer of support

The universal offer of support is offered on an open basis to all system partners.



High Impact Change Model refresh

We are currently using information gathered from the High Impact Change Model (HICM) regional half-day workshops and online questionnaire to improve and update the tool.

The aim of refreshing the HICM is to make it more responsive to national policies on patient flow and length of stay in hospital, and better able to support health and social care professionals to shape improvement.

Further detail about the refresh and timelines will be shared regionally in due course. If you would like to be involved in the consultation process or would like more information, please email anna.jennings@local.gov.uk

The Better Care Exchange and bulletins

Better Care Exchange (BCE) is a closed collaborative online platform, developed to support local areas with the planning and implementation of the Better Care Fund (BCF). The workspace enables sharing, learning and interaction with colleagues across the country. The BCE supports users to work with other teams, including members from the Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships programme, the New Care Models programme and Patient Online – just to name a few.

The BCE gives users, and others involved in the wider integration landscape, a single, accessible space to:

  • work collaboratively to challenge barriers to integration
  • promote success stories and share learning
  • build on existing successes in integrated health and social care.

To request access to the BCE, please email england.bettercareexchange@nhs.net.

The Integration and Better Care Fund (BCF) Bulletin is a weekly e-newsletter for those responsible for the development and implementation of BCF plans and wider integration. To subscribe, please email england.bettercaresupport@nhs.net.

The joint support offer for managing transfers of care is a partnership made up of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) , the Better Care Support Team, the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England, NHS Improvement, and the LGA.

If you require any form of support or would just like some more information please contact your regional Care and Health Improvement Adviser (CHIA), your regional Better Care Manager (BCM) or email CHIP@local.gov.uk.

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