Impact networks

Trainees on the Impact: The Local Government Graduate Programme are encouraged to pursue their passions and interests while they are on the programme. One way in which they can do this is through graduate-led networks. These networks are open to all graduates, whether on the generalist or finance stream.

Woman looking confident in front of a group of graduates. The group of people is in a meeting room discussing ideas

Networks have been set up and are run by current participants and alumni of the programme. We have a variety of networks on the programme, as listed below.

Diversity and inclusion networks

  • BAME Network
  • Disability & Inclusion Network
  • Gender Equality Network
  • LGBTQ+ Network
  • Muslim Network¬†

Regional networks, based on geographical location

  • East of England Network
  • London Graduate Network
  • Midlands Network
  • Northern Network
  • North East Network
  • South East Network
  • South West Network

Networks based around shared interests

  • Socio-Economic Inequalities Network
  • Green Network
  • Policy Network

You can find out more about our networks on their social media pages.