Skills and behaviours

We are looking for people who have the right values and attitudes and who can demonstrate their motivation for a career in the public sector. You'll be assessed against key skills and behaviours which will be essential in your role. These are:

1. Working with others

The ability to operate effectively with others that demonstrates an understanding of diversity, political sensitivity, and emotional intelligence. To be able to bring people together in order to achieve the benefits of change meeting customer/stakeholder expectations on time and within cost constraints.

2. Persuasive Communication

The ability to communicate persuasively with confidence both orally and in writing demonstrating the ability to influence and appropriately chose the right style of communication to fit the audience.

3. Planning and Organisation

The ability to manage time and prioritise work effectively to achieve objectives and deliver outcomes focusing on the relevant key drivers for change.

4. Drive for Results

The ability to act on own initiative and take responsibility for decisions to achieve results. This is demonstrated with a tenacity to pursue of goals and challenge the status quo to bring about change.

5. Analysis and problem solving

The ability to identify, analyse and interpret relevant information from a range of sources to solve complex people/community centric problems and develop well-informed solutions.

6. Motivation for Learning and personal resilience

The ability to proactively seek out opportunities for personal learning and development; the mental resilience to cope with change and then combine the two to learn from all experiences and apply knowledge / skills to better effect.

7. Commitment to local government and the wider community

The ability to understand the needs of a local community in the current policy context and the leadership role local government has through local democracy, community engagement, commissioning, partnerships, and direct interventions.

8. Leadership potential

The ability to demonstrate an understanding of the key aspects of transformational leadership and how this is applied in current context of leading local government through times of unprecedented change.