NGDP networks

Trainees on the NGDP are encouraged to pursue their passions and interests while they are on the programme. One way in which they can do this is through graduate-led networks. These have been set up and are run by current participants and alumni of the NGDP. We welcome and are committed to supporting current NMTs and alumni who wish to set up networks based around protected characteristics, shared experiences, and common interests. Find out more about our existing networks and how to get involved below.


The NGDP Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Network is open to all individuals from a BAME background who are currently on the NGDP scheme or have been in the past. The Network serves two purposes. Firstly, this will be a space for graduates on the scheme who identify as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic to come together to share ideas and information, consider concerns and generate solutions, celebrate achievements, network and provide mutual support. Secondly, as a network they would like to promote and support prospective graduates from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds to start thinking about a career in Local Government. In an industry where it is so important for leadership to be reflective of the population it serves, the NGDP programme would benefit from an increase in representation of diverse backgrounds. If you would like to hear more about the network as a whole, the upcoming events they have planned, and the various ways you could get involved and become a member, please email for more details. 

You can also follow the network on their LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter pages.

NGDP East of England Network

The East of England network is for National Management Trainees interested in the region to meet and share their stories. The region covers Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire, and National Management Trainees are distributed across cities, districts, and counties. The network meets virtually and, when possible, in person, for networking, speaker events, and social events. The network will also offer support to members to make change within our local authorities in areas that we feel are important, such as equality, diversity, and inclusion, sustainability, or innovative working practices. The East of England Network hopes to provide a space for current National Management Trainees and job-seekers interested in the NGDP to learn more about this brilliant part of the country.

NGDP Gender Equality Network

The NGDP Gender Equality Network (GEN) aims to support, empower, and provide a professional development platform for everyone on the NGDP and NGDP alumni. We organise events and activities to explore issues around gender in work and in government, to share knowledge and advice, and provide peer support. We meet virtually and always aim to create a supportive and open space; our network's values are collaboration, intersectionality, inclusivity, equality, safe spaces, accountability and being supportive.
If you would like to join the network, hear more about how you can get involved, and receive updates on upcoming events, please email us at And follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

NGDP Green Network

The Green Network was set up by graduates with the motive of improving learning, whilst providing opportunities to network and share ideas amongst members, across different local authorities. It offers LGA’s NGDP graduates a space to connect, share thoughts and support each other, with the aim of increasing awareness and sharing ideas of the ways in which councils can become greener. The network aims to serve the requirements of its members and so we encourage members to get in touch to share their feedback, as well as collating information from member surveys to define the specific needs of its members.  The network gives graduates a combination of both professional and social events, including Careers Days giving members the opportunity to meet green leaders from across the spectrum of local government, as well as informal coffee mornings, Christmas quizzes and monthly members meetings.

To join or find out more, give us an email:

NGDP London Grads Network

The London Graduate Network is a space for NGDP cohorts, both old and new, to collaborate, share ideas, and ultimately gain a more well rounded understanding of the public sector as it operates throughout the city. We understand that each borough can feel like a city unto itself, so the network endeavours to break down silos and facilitate open and honest communication between graduates, so we can better understand and tackle the unique challenges facing London. We aim to host a variety of events, from informal socials to future careers sessions, as well as talks with external speakers. We also provide a newsletter full of key information and developments in local government from around the city. To voice your interest, or become more involved, please contact:

NGDP Midlands Network

The Midlands Network is a space to explore, collaborate and engage with issues that face local government in the East Midlands and West Midlands. Together we will make changes within our local authorities, helping them cope with unprecedented challenges such as spending cuts, economic uncertainty, climate change, welfare reform, youth, housing needs and aging population and many more.  We welcome current, past, and future members of the NGDP scheme to join the Midlands Network. The network aims to provide opportunities to network, share thoughts, and support each other, share information on issues that each council faces and find solutions for those problems. In the more informal environment, you can share your thoughts, experiences and help each other to find the best solutions for any issue that may arise. The network provides both professional and social events that will happen in online, hybrid and face to face environments. The online meetings will happen monthly and be supplemented with longer face to face events. We have our WhatsApp group to stay connected and help each other with any issues that may arise. This network hopefully will arrange some future collaboration between councils and its members.

To join contact, us via

NGDP Muslim Network

The NGDP Muslim network is about building a community, bringing together both Muslims and non-Muslims alike to support one another in our development and create an inclusive environment for open dialogue.

As a network, we want to champion the importance of Muslim (and faith in general) representation at all levels of local government. We want to raise awareness of the intersection between Islamic and local government values, and how this can act as a motivating tool to work in the sector. We aim to highlight welfare considerations in the workplace during key times of the year such as Islamophobia Awareness Month and Ramadan. We’re also looking to connect with senior Muslims in local government for inspiration on navigating and progressing our careers alongside our faith. We have regular catch ups for networking and getting to know other grads, so do get involved!

To join our mailing list and get invites to our catch ups, get in touch with us at and give us a follow on our LinkedIn page.

NGDP Northern Network

The NGDP’s Northern Network aims to empower National Management Trainees to achieve their potential through peer support, elevating those who face inequalities or disadvantaged due to their regional background or the region in which they work. The network supports graduates at ‘Northern’ local authorities, graduates who identify as ‘northern’ and anyone else who is interested in regional inequalities. The network has no specific definition of what ‘Northern’ means and will continue to welcome members from across the country.

The network offers both in-person and virtual networking opportunities, as well as insightful talks around regional and national policy from key figures across local government and NGDP alumniPrevious events have included virtual webinars including "the Wider Determinants of Health Inequalities'', "Transport in the North", and our flagship conference “Conversations from the North”. Additionally, the network's in person networking has included a social in Manchester and a trip to a Women's Euros Football Match in Sheffield.

The Network also serves to assist the LGA NGDP team to identify development needs and accessible opportunities.

The network is currently run by a steering group of Cohort 22-23 graduates and are always keen for new members. To get involved in the steering group or as a network member, please email: And keep up to date by following our LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

NGDP Policy Network

The NGDP Policy Network aims to demystify a career in policy and provide a space to learn and connect for those interested in working in policy or engaging in policy issues. The network looks to empower members and build confidence by providing support, resources and networking opportunities. We also look to share ideas and best practice, providing a space to discuss and explore key policy issues within local government and beyond. We organise events and activities with policy professionals, share knowledge and advice, and have a regular newsletter to provide an insight into working in policy. If you would like to join our network, please email: No previous policy experience or knowledge is required! You can also follow the network on LinkedIn: NGDP policy network LinkedIn link.

NGDP Pride Network

The NGDP Pride Network is an entirely inclusive network aimed at providing peer support for LGBT+ NMTs and our allies. We have two primary aims: to build a community of LGBT+ NMTs and allies through regular meetings and activity, and to champion LGBT+ equality across the scheme and across the local government sector. If you are interested in getting involved, including receiving the invites to our regular meetings, do email We keep our mailing list private, there is no requirement to be out to be part of the Network, and we welcome allies as well as LGBT+ people.