NGDP networks

Trainees on the NGDP are encouraged to pursue their passions and interests while they are on the programme. One way in which they can do this is through graduate-led networks.

A group of NGDP graduates on sofas talking and smiling

Networks have been set up and are run by current participants and alumni of the NGDP. We have a variety of networks on the programme, as listed below.

Diversity and inclusion networks

  • BAME Network
  • Disability & Inclusion Network
  • Gender Equality Network
  • LGBTQ+ Network
  • Muslim Network¬†

Regional networks, based on geographical location

  • East of England Network
  • London Graduate Network
  • Midlands Network
  • Northern Network
  • North East Network
  • South East Network
  • South West Network

Networks based around shared interests

  • Cost of living Network
  • Green Network
  • Policy Network

You can find out more about our networks on their social media pages.