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The Return to Social Work programme offers councils a unique opportunity to hire experienced social workers from a national pool of candidates.

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The Return to Social Work programme was developed by the LGA and Government Equalities Office to support councils with social worker recruitment. Earlier this year, the programme ran a national recruitment drive on behalf of councils and carefully selected up to 200 social workers to receive free training.

Those selected were experienced social workers who took career breaks and who required additional support to return to practice. Our candidates are currently finishing their training and are seeking work experience with local authorities to meet the restoration requirements set by Social Work England.

Councils that sign up to this programme will have the opportunity to host work experience for one or more of our candidates, who can provide free support to your teams on a voluntary basis. If you wish to, you will then be able to discuss employment opportunities with them and hire experienced social workers without the cost of agency or recruitment fees.

If you are able to support one of our social workers, please sign up to the programme via our job vacancies website or contact us via email.

Placements can take place until April/May 2021.