About us

The Conservative Party is the largest party in local government, with more than 8,200 councillors and control of over 160 councils.

Within the LGA we have senior councillors who serve on a wide range of LGA bodies, including boards, panels, commissions, forums and task groups.

The LGA Conservative Group exists to support Conservative council Groups and the councillors that make up each Group. It is also the day to day voice of Conservatives in the wider corporate LGA. From policy documents to press releases the Conservative Group will present a Conservative view. We also organise a wide range of policy seminars and other events around the country.

Our work is directed by the Group Leader and the Group Executive and we help shape the political agenda of the LGA. We also manage the relationships with member councils across the country and aim to be the first point of contact for Conservative council Groups.

We support the Conservative councillors that are appointed annually to serve on the various Boards, Panels, forums and task groups of the LGA. This ranges from organising political pre-meetings prior to each LGA meeting through to providing detailed policy advice and information to our councillors.

Additionally, the Conservative Group acts as a link and a sounding board with the Government and the Party. We help Conservative councils and councillors to engage in dialogue with the Government and also organise a number of meetings where Ministers and councillors get together to discuss issues.