ILM qualification

By taking part in ngdp, you will learn the key content and skills to fast-track your career in local government and the wider public sector. Upon completion of the scheme, you will receive a postgraduate Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) certificate.

ILM Level 7 Qualification:

Upon completion of the ngdp, graduate trainees receive an ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management, equivalent to 20 credits at postgraduate level. You will be certified if you attend the learning and development events, regional meetings, online tutorials and pass the course’s assignments.

The aim:

The aim of the qualification is to fast-track your career in the course of becoming the next generation of public sector leaders. This is a postgraduate-level qualification usually offered to senior managers and greatly respected within the public sector.

The outcome:

  • You will be able to critically evaluate the challenges facing local government
  • You will be equipped  with high-level capabilities in management and leadership, grounded in a public sector context
  • You will obtain a strong understanding of key local government areas of work and management
  • The programme will enhance your personal effectiveness as a leader and manager.



Adopting a blended learning approach, the ngdp offers a range of activities for graduates which are designed around three key themes:

  1. Leadership and Management of Public Service
  2. Managing change and delivering results
  3. Strategic Commissioning and managing resources.

Our approach:

Aligning with our blended learning approach, the content and skills development is delivered nationally, regionally and individually, through a combination of the following activities.

  1. Distance learning

We deliver a range of theoretical and practical perspectives, covering the content and expected learning outcomes from three online modules.

  1. Online group tutorials

We facilitate group webinars, covering key aspects of the distance learning and tutoring on the assignments and assessment processes.

  1. Regional workshops

These would combine the opportunity to reflect on the content, concepts and frameworks provided through the distance learning and to work with others on the cohort to apply it to practical case studies.

  1. National Summits

These events provide opportunities for the entire cohort to assemble in one place and mix with trainees in order to share knowledge and best practice, whilst also hearing from high-profile speakers.

Overall, with the integration of the the ILM Level 7 qualification, the ngdp is a robust programme providing trainees with core knowledge, information and concepts, all of which are assessed with an emphasis on critical evaluation. Modules reflect the changing political landscape, offering you the opportunity to quickly grasp emerging issues and to correspondingly adopt modern ways tackling unprecedented challenges within local communities. Through the development of core management and leadership capabilities, you will be equipped with the content and skills to fast-track your career in local government, but also the wider public sector. The programme is tailored to be appropriate to different learning styles and preferences and we tailor our delivery style and materials to accommodate any special needs.