NGDP online tests: sample questions

On this page you’ll find sample questions for the online situational judgement test.

Situational judgement test (SJT)

All SJT questions give candidates 4 answers, and they must pick the option they are most likely to do, and the option they are least likely to do (the best and worst answers).

Question 1

You started on your second placement four weeks ago. The original manager is no longer here, and your new manager is just becoming established and has not yet had a proper opportunity to identify what the placement should have been about.  So far you are not working on the kind of projects you expected to. How do you respond?

  1. Carry on with the work I need to do and explain the situation to my placement coordinator who may be able to resolve it.
  2. Give my manager some examples of work I could be doing instead that will support the objectives of the rest of the team as well as my goals.
  3. Contact my placement coordinator at the end of the placement to ask to guarantee my next placement choice, to make things fair.
  4. Find the bits of work that I am most interested in and allocate most time to working on those so that I am getting the development I expected.
Answer to question 1

Best answer: 2

Worst answer: 3

Question 2

You are working on a new placement in Legal and you have been asked to carry out a piece of work in relation to the Single Justice Procedure - a subject you don’t know anything about. How do you prepare yourself for this?

  1. Look into the topic then ask for a meeting with the Subject Matter Expert at the Council to guide me on the key points.
  2. Suggest that another member of the team does the work as they have better knowledge, and this is a better use of team resource.
  3. Go online to research the subject broadly and read extensively before I get further into the detail I need to look at
  4. Ask my manager to help me source some appropriate training to ensure that I am learning the right things for the context of the council.
Answer to question 2

Best answer: 1

Worst answer: 2

Question 3

You are in your first year on the NGDP. You are taking part in a project alongside several other graduates who are all second years and everyone is enthusiastic. Together you are talking about several different ways to start the project, but it is unclear how this project will be managed. What do you do?

  1. Ask the group how they think we should organise ourselves as it is important to be collaborative and work together.
  2. Wait for one of the other graduates to come up with a way forward as I should let them take the lead on this project.
  3. Suggest that a second-year graduate takes the lead as they will have more experience, making the project run more smoothly.
  4. Volunteer as the project lead as I can put some structure in place, identify roles and assign responsibilities to the others.
Answer to question 3

Best answer: 1

Worst answer: 2