Governments plan to cut planning red tape is a thumbs up to turbocharging housing delivery

29 August 2023

Analysis this year from the Home Builders Federation suggested that nutrient neutrality environmental rules could cut housing supply by 41,000 homes per year. 

Over recent months, Conservative councillors on the ground including Cllr John Fuller, Vice Chair of the Economy and Resources Board, have been lobbying Downing Street hard to get this anti-development defective EU red tape axed.

The debate around nutrient neutrality rules comes after Natural England issued a directives earlier this year around nutrient neutrality which many local leaders said would stall housing delivery. 

This announcement today to reform nutrient neutrality rules is a vote of confidence in housebuilders and the economy. For the last two years, nutrient neutrality red tape has hindered the ability of councils to bring forward much needed housing in their communities. 

In addition, the rules have held back growth in the economy and the forecasts from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities highlight that £18 billion is likely to be released into the economy because of these rules being scrapped. 

Cllr John Fuller, Vice Chair of the Economy & Resources Board at the Local Government Association, said “The moratorium on building new homes caused by Nutrient Neutrality rules as done nothing to reduce river pollution but has put artisan tradesmen out of work, stopped Councils building affordable housing and put the cost of new homes even further out of reach of young families. Today’s announcement places the responsibility for cleaning up rivers on the water companies and frees up Councils to build the homes the country needs and get the economy back on track”.

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