General Election Update – News Update – 9 June 2017

In what was largely a two horse race to Number 10, Independent candidates and smaller parties still held their own in the election last night (Thursday 8 June 2017).

There were some notable successes, for example: in East Devon where Independent Claire Wright came second with 21,270 votes – a 35.2 per cent share of the vote; In Rochford and Southend where Cllr Ron Woodley came third, securing 2,924 votes; and in Ashfield where first time Independent candidate Gail Turner also came third with 9.2 per cent share of the vote.

There were other gains for Independents, 183 of which stood across the UK; Greens who saw success again in Brighton with an increased majority; and Plaid Cymru securing an extra seat in Westminster taking their total to four.

All in all our members, groups and parties showed, by standing over 1,000 candidates, that there are credible alternatives to the Conservative and Labour party and representatives that fight for local residents and aren’t restrained by a party whip.

All we need now is Proportional Representation to be introduced, to more fairly reflect the number of votes gained into seats!