LGA Independent

The Independent Group represents councillors in England and Wales who are Independent, Green or from smaller parties. We provide our members with a voice at the national level and work within the cross-party Local Government Association (LGA) to ensure that the values and interests of our members are represented.

Climate Emergency

In July 2019 the LGA joined councils in calling a climate emergency. Since then we have been working with members to gather good practice and provide ways for you to input into the wider discussion. There is a climate hub full of resources, a short survey we’re asking members to complete and we’re holding a Climate Emergency event for members on 14 February. We also encourage you to join our environment think tank where you can raise challenges or share best practice. To find out more email us on independent.grouplga@local.gov.uk

Environment - Air pollution

New resources

Members are reminded to visit our Resources Page where we have recently added new factsheets on time management, social media and stress busting ideas. Resources are added here regularly so remember to check back for upcoming factsheets on vision setting, governance and managing conflict.

You can find out more about who we are and the support we provide on this website. You can also get in touch with the Group Office by emailing Independent.GroupLGA@local.gov.uk or ringing 0207 664 3224. 

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