Daring to be different: LGA Independent Group annual report 2018/19

2018/19 was an excellent year for our members. You will read in this report how we fought and won elections, increased our membership and directly influenced policy at all levels.

Although they technically fall outside the remit of this annual report, the May 2019 elections have been extremely successful for the majority of our members and, on behalf of us all, congratulations to everyone who stood and were successful at the ballot box. Our members truly stood for what they believed in and demonstrated that a local focus is what people are looking for, tired of party politics.

The May 2019 elections followed successful elections in May 2018, when many of our London colleagues fought hotly contested seats and triumphed, and there were many by-election wins.

Our group is stronger than ever. It remains a broad church, but it is our diversity of views, interests and approaches, alongside our commitment to and connection with our communities, that gives our group strength. When we work together, our impact is powerful.

The success of the group’s work in supporting members and prospective candidates, helping to raise skills, profile and reputation, is demonstrated in remarkable successes in all corners across our two countries and in all of our groups.

Through the Local Government Association’s (LGA) Independent Group, members from across England and Wales stand for what they believe in and work together to be a positive voice for their residents and for local government.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Group’s work over the last 12 months. We look forward to even greater success in 2019/20.

Download the LGA Independent Group's annual report 2018/19