Every year the four political groups at the LGA invite parliamentary representatives from the House of Commons, House of Lords, and European Parliament to be our Vice-Presidents. These are then discussed and appointed by the General Assembly. All have an association with local government and act as its champions in their daily lives. The current list of Vice-Presidents for 2013/14 is below.

President – Lord Richard Best (Crossbench)

Stewart Jackson MP Peterborough Conservative  
Henry Smith MP Crawley Conservative  

Charles Walker MP

Heather Wheeler MP South Derbyshire Conservative  
Margot James MP* Stourbridge Conservative
Baroness Eaton



Lord Jenkin Of Roding



Philip Bradbourn MEP


Julie Girling MEP


Heidi Alexander MP
Lewisham East
Clive Betts MP Sheffield South East Labour
Louise Ellman MP Liverpool Riverside Labour 
Ian Mearns MP Gateshead Labour  
Andy Sawford MP* Corby Labour
Steve Reed MP* Croydon North Labour

Lord Beecham


Baroness Smith of Basildon   Labour
Lord Smith of Leigh   Labour
Richard Howitt MEP   Labour
Derek Vaughan MEP

Gordon Birtwistle MP Burnley Liberal Democrat
Annette Brooke MP Mid Dorset and Poole North Liberal Democrat  
Julian Huppert MP Cambridge Liberal Democrat
Baroness Barker   Liberal Democrat
Lord Greaves   Liberal Democrat 
Baroness Maddock   Liberal Democrat 
Lord Shipley   Liberal Democrat
Lord Tope*   Liberal Democrat
Edward McMillan Scott MEP   Liberal Democrat
Catherine Bearder MEP   Liberal Democrat
Lord Alton   Independent
Lord Bichard   Independent
Baroness Greengross   Independent
Baroness Howarth   Independent
Lord Ouseley   Independent
Lord Walpole   Independent
Lord Adebowale CBE   Independent
Keith Taylor MEP   Independent
Lord Laming   Independent
Earl of Lytton*   Independent


* indicates new for 2013/14