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On behalf of its members, the cross-party LGA regularly briefs parliamentarians of all politcal affiliations on issues of concern and relevance to local government ahead of debates in Parliament. The most recent of these can be found here, as can the LGA's written responses to parliamentary inquiries, such as those held by Select Committees.

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LGA response to Britain’s Industrial Strategy

The Government’s industrial strategy provides a critical opportunity to drive the creation of a successful, world-leading economy and the LGA welcomes the Government’s ambition to drive growth and tackle the economic imbalances in different parts of the country.

Legislating for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU

This briefing provides an analysis of the recent Government White Paper: ‘Legislating for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union’.

Response to Consultation on Cipfa Prudential Code for Capital Finance in Local Authorities and Cipfa Treasury Management Code of Practice

The LGA is of the opinion that the arrangements introduced in 2002 (Treasury Management code) and 2004 (Prudential Code) have worked well and provide a good governance framework to be followed by local authorities. We are therefore of the strong opinion that the present review should not fundamentally alter these arrangements. General points

Response to the Department for Education’s stage two consultation on high needs funding formula and other reforms

The High Needs National Funding Formula (NFF) proposals will be in place for at least four years, according to the Stage 2 consultation documents. Therefore, it is essential that the NFF provides a robust and equitable method of funding provision and services for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and vulnerabilities.

Protecting and improving local arts and cultural services, including museums, libraries and archaeological services | House of Lords

Councils are well placed to lead local action around culture and help people to identify with, understand, appreciate, engage with and feel a sense of ‘belonging’ in their local area.

Response to the Department for Education's stage two consultation on a Schools national funding formula

The LGA is deeply concerned about the ability of schools and councils to implement reductions in funding in the proposed one year of the ‘soft' funding formula in 2018-19.

Digital Economy Bill

Key briefing and summary points for local government on the Digital Economy Bill.

Bus Services Bill

Key summary points and briefings for local government on the Bus Services Bill.

Backbench business debate on the Social Mobility Commission's State of the Nation report

We want every resident to have a good quality of life and to aspire to improve their circumstances regardless of their background or where they live.

Neighbourhood Planning Bill

Key summary points and briefings for local government on the Neighbourhood Planning Bill.


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