Effective procurement, underpinned by commissioning, has never been more important for local government. Increasing demand for public services and decreasing resources are driving councils to improve productivity and efficiency to deliver better outcomes for local people.

Working towards implementing our National Procurement Strategy

Councils in England and Wales continue to show solid progress implementing the ambition set out in our National Procurement Strategy 2018. Our second diagnostic report on the strategy – National Procurement Strategy: Delivering the Ambition – compiles data obtained from English and Welsh councils in 2021 assessing their own performance against the 2018 strategy. The report outlines examples of good practice and identifies key areas for improvement.

Modern slavery in local government supply chains

To accompany existing guidance on modern slavery statements, our guidance and procedures on identifying modern slavery in local government supply chains provides practical advice on how to draft your modern slavery statement – what to include, where to publish your statement, how to avoid common pitfalls, and practical procedural suggestions for carrying out supply chain due diligence.

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